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What we did

This is an example of text book Account Based Marketing:

Select key accounts to target
Discover contacts and map to chosen accounts
Develop account insights and understand pain points
Generate content and sales plays
Deliver automated account-specific activity
Orchestrate sales plays

Zyme wanted to grow their business however they couldn’t target the right people using traditional marketing campaigns. They were using traditional marketing tactics to list benefits of their solution rather than focusing on what each person within the organisation pain is and how Zyme can fix it.

``The sales play and key persona discovery was incredibly productive and helped us consider new approaches and messaging.``
Rebecca Cleveland, Director- EMEA Marketing at Zyme

We helped Zyme choose an Account Based Marketing (ABM approach) as it allowed us to split out personas within a target organisation; to really engage with them based on their specific pain. After all a Channel Sales Directors pain is very different to a Chief Financial Officer. Instead of broad-reaching marketing campaigns that touch the largest possible number of prospective customers, an ABM strategy focuses resources for the book of business on a defined set of named accounts.

Creating content that matched the customer personas was now a far simpler job. We fully understood the pain we were targeting and could map Zyme’s already extensive content onto this


Although this was a very focused campaign, typical of ABM, we ensured that we were visible in the target account’s eco-system. To do this we created a series of banners and digital content for broadcast on LinkedIn and other applicable platforms.


We then used the Act-on platform to create designed content that could be aimed at each persona within the target business. This content delivered the sales plays in a palatable format at predetermined times – taking the customer through the 6 points of the sales journey. Our design rollout allowed content to be view perfectly whatever device used. We wanted to ensure maximum impact wherever and whenever a potential target viewed our content.


Landing pages created in the Act-on platform also formed an integral part of the whole ABM programme. Target customers were funneled to applicable content; ensuring low bounce rates and high engagement through relevance.

Technologies used

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