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What we did

As a Global brand, Zurich operate in 170 countries and have 55,000 employees. As any business with such a diverse and multicultural workforce; their pain stems from not having one EVP that can align everyone with the Zurich employee brand values.

Their brief was simple – transform our employee communications with a single global platform – one truly multilingual intranet to support One Zurich that will unite our entire workforce.

Our first question was why? Why one platform? Would it work on a global scale? Would it deliver a unifying EVP?

After a series of HR and communications team workshops we pulled together a roadmap that could be used by the business to align the resources and give us access to the global teams we would need to create the intranet strategy.


Why is having a strong Employee Value Proposition (EVP) so important?

At the core of a successful employer brand is a clear employee value proposition or EVP. To be truly successful, an employer brand needs to reflect who you are as an organisation and be incorporated into every aspect of the employee experience.

The EVP serves to define what the organisation would most like to be associated with as an employer and defines the “give and get” of the employment deal (the value that employees are expected to contribute with the value that they can expect in return). EVPs have become closely related to the concept of employer branding with the EVP being used to define the underlying “offer” on which an organisation’s employer brand is based.


We used SharePoint as the vessel for delivering the final system. This was based on its core capabilities, but more importantly, because it fitted the needs of the user. This is a major factor for us, as many businesses choose their platform first and are forced to make the user experience fit. We also introduced Office 365 as the collaboration tool; as the link between collaboration and productivity was very well documented and our findings pointed to the need for this in the organisation.


What we achieved

We worked in an Agile manner, working closely with the Zurich’s internal team to deliver all of the major functionality over a three month programme. The final delivery was on time and budget.

Technologies used

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