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What we did

The WFA, on behalf of the seven global leading alcohol producers (‘RMP members’), are launching the ‘Responsible Marketing Pact’, the first cross-sector alcohol advertising self-regulation program at EU level. The RMP members consist of ABInBev, Bacardi, Brown-Forman, Carlsberg, Diageo, Heineken and Pernod Ricard.

The WFA approached BPI ROK to help them create the strategy and delivery of the RMP to a) Regulators and policy makers at EU level as well as national level and b) raise public awareness of the existence and content of the RMP. The RMP includes three action streams in one single holistic approach: ‘placement’, ‘appeal’ and ‘social media’.


We started from the ground up holding workshops with the key stakeholders to understand the landscape and create a strategy before formulating a creative brief.

The first exercise was the brand and the overarching look and feel, which had to represent clearly what the RMP stood for. The classic hexagon representing the STOP sign formed the basis for the new identity which was used in isolation and supported by the RMP members.


Creating the RMP website allowed us to create visibility of the RMP and its purpose, to a wide ranging audience. The site consisted of information very clearly explaining Who, Why and What the RMP is, in a user friendly and engaging way, so the general public and the regulators clearly understood the messages we were delivering.

Our next challenge was simple; produce a short engaging film that encompasses many of the facts detailed under the RMP. We came up with the big idea, which the client loved! We then worked it up through a series of visuals and story-boards before finally getting approval from the many different stakeholders who all had a valid opinion to take on-board.


Logistically we had some big challenges… Contact local schools to get volunteers to take part in the film, arrange permissions, interview for a narrator, find a suitable location, speak to all the alcohol producers to get samples of their product, hire in actors, arrange all props… the list goes on.

The narrator and the location were key to the success. We completed a recce on a number of different locations before finally settling on an abandoned airfield hangar. This not only provided us with space, but also the unique urban environment we were looking for. Our narrator ensured the messages were delivered effectively, talking directly to camera in one seamless piece of dialogue. The viewer felt like the narrator was talking directly to them which was both engaging and informative.

After a lot of hard work from the BPI ROK team and support from the WFA and key stakeholders we completed the project to great acclaim. The film has been incorporated both online, via social and on partners websites across Europe.

What we achieved

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