TV Commercial

MG is back and is re launching the MG brand, with the introduction of a new model and image. MG3 is a small compact vehicle with a fun, youthful attitude. It has a personalisation package, similar to the likes of Fiat 500 and Citroen DS3.

Our brief was to create a 30 second TVC suitable for International use, initially to be aired in the UK November 2013 and May/June 2014, and in China January 2014.

The advert must target a new audience unfamiliar with MG and aged 18 to 30. It must convey the brand’s UK heritage in a way that doesn’t sound old or ostentatious, and it must be highly engaging for the female market but not alienate males or long-standing fans of MG.

We wanted to educate the audience that this product is fun, good value, whilst being innovative and personalised. Working with a minimal budget and exactly six weeks to create it proved a challenge that Rok were more than up to.

The results were impressive and saw a 454% uplift in sales. It’s clear that our advertisement helped MG to position themselves as back with a difference.

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