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Here’s another client with a national audience covering just about every aspect of life – from young to old. In essence, sport and fitness is important to all of us in some form or another. Sport England is tasked with ensuring that everyone in England, regardless of age, background or ability, feels able to take part in sport or activity. Some might be fit and talented, but others won’t be so confident. Our work entails translating this into bite size chunks for the audience.

One part of the brief is to increase the number of people in England taking part in sport and activity, and to decrease the number of people who are physically inactive. To do this we must appeal to a wide and diverse audience. Although this is aimed at any group or ethnicity we must first chunk down who we are talking to and recognise their needs – I’d like to keep fit but I don’t know where to go – I’m not very sociable and going to new things scares me. Whatever their pain, we can target this with good communications and ensuring that biases are tackled – nobody in my family exercises and they’re ok – aren’t they?

Increased the number of people volunteering in sport at least twice in the last year.

The solution has been developed using our proven user centred design methodology, to be responsive and accessible on multiple device platforms (desktop, mobile and tablet) to reach as many users as possible, wherever they are, at work or on the sports field.

Providing an Umbraco content management system (CMS) to the editing team has ensured the site offers a good return on investment and is a future proofed system for continued development

Increased number of people taking part in sport and activities.
Increased the proportion of young people (11-18) who have a positive attitude to sport.
Increase investment in sport from sources outside the public sector.
Increase the number of children who are physically literate.

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