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What we did

Silver Cross is a brand established 140 years ago and has developed into one of the UK’s premium nursery and luxury goods producers. They now sell globally and have taken the Asia region by storm in recent years.

We’ve worked with Silver Cross since 2008 under the stewardship of their CEO Nick Paxton. Targeting mums of all ages, we’ve worked hard to create a brand that builds an emotional connection (aimed at the heart); whilst balancing this out with a rational focus of build quality, service and design.

It was great working with BPI | ROK on our recent ‘acquisition campaign’.

This has made Silver Cross products an ultra desirable product for customers from all walks of life that can be purchased from a retailer such as JLP or from the SX website (designed and created by us). The Duchess of Cornwall has one, so does Cheryl Cole. This reflects in the buyer profiles that we constantly assess – does this appeal to our audience?

Multi-million pound e-commerce engine

In recent years we have created a Global ecommerce strategy that looks at each target market and ensures that we keep the SX brand intact whilst appealing to local cultural deviations and buying behaviour. Their aim is to grow their sales every year and the Global market delivers this; but we keep a careful eye on how to ensure that the home market is not neglected.

9.4 Million page views

Silver Cross have been selling premium quality prams and pushchairs since they were established in 1877, but prams and pushchairs. Over the last few years Silver Cross have been expanding their product range offering customers a wide range of nursery furniture and accessories, but they are still only really known for selling prams and pushchairs.

Our challenge was to increase brand awareness and provide evidence of positive clickthroughs to their website and nursery furniture product pages over an eight week period.

Over 2.3 million impressions on the display network
81% new visitors
200,000 Facebook impression

Technologies used

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