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What we did

We’ve worked for Severn Trent since 2010, keeping the majority of their 7.5m customers across the Midlands happy. These customers are as diverse as you could possibly get; from ABC1 to CDE, within a wide range of ages and ethnic groups, holding different beliefs, and those with learning difficulties.

During this time, we have created several high-profile projects. These include writing their 5-year digital strategy, launching a new customer service site and portal, alongside lots of web and content creation work.

BPI | ROK have done a great job by the way and fitted in really well with the team – I’ve had consistently good unprompted feedback from across the business
Severn Trent Water
Over 650 pages migrated

Knowledge before assumption, we place the user at the heart of everything we do.

Over 1,000 assets managed

The results

Although these customers have no choice for the supply of water/sewage, they are protected by the water regulator OFWAT. OFWAT ensures that the service levels reached by each water business in the UK is up to scratch. Providing a high level of customer service is high on the agenda at ST.

Poor quality of service incurs serious financial penalties. We helped them to a. understand customer’s pain and then how to fix specifics issues with a strategic range of comms and services. We carried out customer experience workshops, testing and design studies that were taken to full prototype stage.

We mapped all of their 650 pages of content on a new AEM system, carried out extensive user testing to deliver a final polished system.

Technologies used

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