Safety Videos – ROSCO Road Safety Campaign

ROSCO (Road Operators’ Safety Council) was formed in 1955 as a way of ensuring professional drivers of buses and coaches could be recognised for their safe driving achievements, specifically geared towards bus operators. ROSCO’s aim is to promote safe driving to the benefit of other road users and bus passengers. ROSCO became a Charity in 2010 and now has a statutory responsibility for promoting road safety directly to the public.


To celebrate ROSCO’s 60th Birthday this year, they have embarked on a campaign to encourage a greater awareness of road safety in general and in particular bus travel, specially home to school. ROSCO want to reduce the risk of injury and death by teaching young people about the risks of the behaviour they have adapted to.

This campaign involved the creation of a small series of short 30 second videos that would demonstrate the importance of road and bus safety to teens. The idea being that the videos are interesting to watch as well as presenting the specific dangers to the audience, but still delivering a strong message to the viewer – making them think twice. Each video addresses key issues within road and bus safety, such as:

Walking out into the road due to distractions (mobile phone, iPod etc.)
Cyclist awareness
Distracting passengers during bus journeys
Kerb side behaviour- whilst waiting at bus stops

The videos will soon be presented to the public via various social media platforms that will work together to spread the word and hosted on YouTube.

“The films have been very well received by all the Board and some of their own senior training people and I know they wanted to pass on their collective thanks for a job very well done.”

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