We started with the top soil…


What we did

Priors Hall Park in Corby was refinanced in 2013 and we were brought in to rejuvenate the brand, kick start house sales of 270 remaining plots in phase one and raise awareness of PHP in the local area. Initially the project was called Priors Hall, but in our brand review we identified the strong ‘Park’ essence (as well as it’s 200 acres of open parkland) and renamed it Priors Hall Park. We then set about creating the Park Life value proposition. Once we’d done this we created a media campaign that ran for an initial 3 months. This alone moved sales from one per week to one per day – generating around £1m of cash revenues per week.

BPI | ROK increase web traffic by 60%

Over the next 12 months we used a combination of advertising (Radio, print and digital), a new website and mobile experience to raise awareness and generate an average 25 qualified sales leads per week. We also renovated and redesigned the marketing suite, worked with a design firm to create a show home, created new sales plays for the sales team, changed the signage on site and changed all hoardings to match the PHP brand. We also created all stakeholder, public sector and financial market content and presentations – keeping the PHP brand at the heart of everything the business created.

We built the site using WordPress, – a highly flexible and easy to use CMS. This strong starting point has allowed us to easily build upon the initial site and add additional functionality in a fast and cost effective manner.

BPI | ROK increased campaign traffic by 134%

BPI | ROK also have a close working relationship with a local printer that has allowed us to produce the printed material to an incredibly high quality in a very timely manner

BPI | ROK increase weekly sales by 400%

Everyone talks about the ‘wigwams’ at Priors Hall Park. The Future Centre was a big part of The Park since, both as a focal point for all visitors and a base for the sales teams operating here.

Our task was to generate awareness and that is exactly what we achieved, with thousands of visitors passing through the doors.


These days we are more concerned about the space between the houses and provide thorough strategic input, evolving the value proposition (The Park Life) and upgrading the brand across all of the customer touchpoints. To expand on this we created a digital touch screen table that allowed the user to explore the park life.


One of the highlights of our strategy was to design and create a moving picture of The Park Life proposition. Like any film project; the devil is in the detail and our planning team spent months getting each frame perfect in storyboard form until we (and the client) were happy that we had captured the very essence of living at Priors Hall Park – in under 2 minutes.

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