Food safety




What we did

Our challenge was to UX, redesign and re-produce the food allergy training course to be available online for delegates (enforcement officers). The course is an e-learning platform, which needed to become more engaging and professional.

The content needed to be redone so it became more interactive and interesting for users, whilst maintaining the brand.


We redesigned the website so the look and feel was on brand, but ensured the new design was clean, fresh, simple, not boring or stuffy but authoritative and sit within the FSA brand.

We created low-fi wireframes to demonstrate the key user journeys throughout the website. Afterwhich we created detailed designs for each of the templates were produced along with the interactive animations. This allowed us to produce a website that meets the audience needs.


We worked closely with the FSA to shape the user journeys, ensuring that the end result offered a seamless user experience resulting in successful certification.

Both sites were developed in HTML with an admin area to allow the FSA to manage users.

We produced a questionnaire and scripts to test the usability of the site with a selection of key stakeholders at FSA. The site was then updated accordingly before it launched.

What we achieved

6,000 candidates review the test material each week
Over 900 candidates complete the test each week
Over 200,000 pageviews
67.56% of new visitors

Technologies used

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browser stack
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