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Victoria and Flik, founders of Sleek Technique, are two highly successful and well-respected ballerina’s.


Their love of dance eventually, after 32 years founded their joint business venture – Sleek Technique. The online dance classes for the busy body who wants to enjoy exercise and discover dancing through expertise and workouts that reward them with a stunning physique.

As their business success grew, so did their digital requirements. Their original website became out-dated and didn’t provide the level of support or flexibility that their business required.


We took on the Sleek Technique website, and whilst providing a fresh, simplistic but effective interface, we were able to maintain and build on the complexity and requirements that were required.

The updated website allows users to purchase online, sign up to membership, watch dance tutorials on-demand, whilst incorporating the flexibility for the client to manage their vouchers and discounts through their CMS.

Both Flik and Vic are thrilled with their website, the feedback they have had from their customers, as well as the increase in customer base and awareness within the industry.

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