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What we did

How do you improve our open rates and lead generation across EMEA? ABM and marketing automation came immediately to mind as a ‘zero waste marketing’ solution was not only cost effective, but highly focused on results. We answered Commvault’s brief by starting with the WHY. Why do your customers think you’re special? Why do they keep coming back?

Then we looked at customer pain – what’s stopping an IT Director delivering his SLA’s? What are the issues upgrading SAP to HANA and how can we solve it? The targeting was straight forward with specific personas such as IT Directors, BA’s and CIOs. This allowed us to create content, that was specific to their need and pain, and dedicated sales plays that could be rolled out through Marketo.

With Commvault’s technical marketing team, we came up with three main sales plays that, depending on job role and response, would be routed through Commvault’s sales process – streamlining the generation of leads.


What was achieved

Content assets were created in one go and uploaded into Marketo by BPI ROK’s Marketo experts ready to be used in the 3-month campaign. Emails were sent to Commvault’s key accounts lists across Europe and social media blogs and contents posted to coincide with the broadcast. Tailored web pages, created in Marketo by BPI ROK, then delivered specific content related to the sales play – funnelling customers into a ‘system test’ and personalised report.

Sales leads (SQL) were managed by Commvault’s team using Marketo.

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