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What we did

In 2003 the Character Group made a strategic decision to develop its own products to market along side those sourced from our third party distributor partners. Today over 75% of all products marketed by the group are developed in-house. A major benefit of this strategy was the opening of international markets for our product, which is now sold in over 30 countries worldwide.

Having worked with Character for over ten years we understood their customers and were in a good position to rework their online customer experience; to deliver better conversions and profit.

Revenue taken increased by 45.95%

Knowledge before assumption

Our first job was to create customer journeys that could be presented to the in-house digital team; enabling them to fully buy into the ideas and thinking. Once this was done and refinements made, we created a series of hi-fi prototypes that could be used to internally test the the journeys.

We built the site using Umbraco – a highly flexible and easy to use CMS. to deliver the fully responsive website we utilised an Agile approach to development that allowed for on-going stakeholder feedback and adjustment.

Average transactions increased by 8.91%

Our designers worked closely with the UX team to get a working prototype ready for presentation to the client. This included a full run through of basket functionality – one of the key drivers in basket conversions. At each stage we could prove that we were removing friction from the customer’s journey through to check-out and beyond.

The output was a fully responsive Umbraco website.

What we achieved

The final system allowed integration into the existing architecture; reducing resources and project timings. The whole back end system from order and pick and pack was now streamlined and gave more flexibility in terms of resourcing within the warehouse.

Over 900,000 pages views
40% Mobile traffic increase
Reduced bounce rate by 11%
Shopping basket increase by 17%

Technologies used

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