Automotive creative branding – Steed

Great Wall Motor Company is one of China’s largest and most successful automotive manufacturers. They approached Rok creative to help them rebrand and increase their visibility across the UK market.


Specifically, Great Wall wanted Rok to inject more energy into the brand so that the user and the dealers were inspired to learn more.

Initially we approached the stamp of the main product: The Steed.  We evaluated its presence amongst its competitors as well as reviewing all media that it would be used for.


Once the Steed was refreshed we could review the overall brand of Great Wall.  Although we didn’t want to go to the expense of rebranding all current assets, we felt that the strap-line: “A Wise Choice” was tired and needed to reflect the product, whilst inspiring the consumer.  We evaluate the advantages of the product and the strap-line became obvious: “The Intelligent Choice”.

As each product comes packed full of extras and is sold at a very reasonable price.  Quite frankly it is an intelligent purchase.

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