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We have worked with 4X4 Tyres for a number of years and in that time have provided a constant service in digital and marketing comms work.

Our role is to ensure the 4×4 Tyres sales and digital team can deliver against the broader strategy for the company, whilst keeping customers very much at the heart of all user experience developments. As such all the systems we build and integrate need to be as fully automated as possible.

During this time we have carried out a number of high profile projects:
Rebranding of the ecommerce platform
Redevelopment of the ebay shop and integration
Integration of a european stock and order management system
Rollout of national fitting service

Shopping basket checkout increase by 175%

The ecommerce solution has been developed using our proven user centred design methodology, to be responsive and accessible on multiple device platforms (desktop, mobile and tablet) to reach as many users as possible, wherever they are, at work or at home.

The final product was a fully responsive website supporting the key sales journeys and the NopCommerce eCommerce solution which ensured the site offered a good return on investment and is a future proofed system for continued development.

Revenue increased by 283%

As part of our communications execution, we created a full bank of ab banners to be used not only across the site, but across external media channels.

Part of the branding was to introduce a reflex automated CRM communication system, that engages with users during the pre/current/post purchase stages.

Unique purchases increased 413%
Quantity of products sold increased 482%
Page views increased 71%
Mobile revenue increased 667%

Technologies used

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browser stack
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