360 Marketing Campaigns

Delivering 360 marketing campaigns for the new MG account was just the beginning of the hard work.

We designed two 360 marketing campaigns, which included national advertising, local dealer advertising, Direct Mail and a TVC. The online activity consisted of website and animated web banners which were supported by a series of product brochures.

Q1 was the 6O 3NJOY campaign with the vision to emphasise that MG is a fun brand with something for everyone. By implementing the coloured squares and brightly coloured personalised cars, we really pushed the message that MG is a brand to enjoy.

One of the key features of making it a 360 marketing campaign was to ensure the ROI was trackable, and the efforts were matched to the stats, in this instance we increased sales by over 61%.


Q2 was a range campaign, using the success and recognition from the first campaign for the MG3 to introduce the new MG6.


The redesign has been extremely well received both internally and externally.

In fact we had the dealerships literally fighting over the new assets we’d created for them.

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