We are Experiential

we are more than just an events agency

Experiential marketing, describes how we love to work with our clients’ brands and products. Experiential techniques take the customer on a journey where we use as many of their senses as possible. We’re more than just an events agency, we bring the clients offering to life, along multiple touch points.

More traditional advertising such as radio, TV and print can be used within our experiential campaign when they are focused on delivery of memorable and emotional connection. Generally, we embrace materials, techniques and mediums to generate consumer loyalty and influence the purchase decision.

How brands successfully utilise a variety of techniques in order to achieve an emotional connection must be relevant to the target demographic and an emotion that is symbiotic to the brands position.

At our agency near Birmingham we find what produces some of our best results, it’s the ‘real’ factor that separates our proposals from our competitors, and our clients’ results from theirs.

As you look through our case studies you’ll see how our good work and our clients’ real campaigns not only make a difference to their growth but also the enjoyment their customers feel. And more recently how our experiential approach has created campaigns that engage emotionally and morally, a method that puts brands at the heart of communities. Helping facilitate positive change in environment, health and wellbeing.

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