The art of shaping perception

Every touch point with a brand is an opportunity to shape perception.
Defining this perception should be consistent and with unified messages for maximum customer impact.

It is critical for a creative agency to develop concepts with a clear vision of what the client stands for, how they are positioned, and the overall perception they need to create. It doesn’t have to be complicated in fact the simpler the better. If you can’t write the essence of your brand on the palm of your hand then you’ve probably got something wrong. Having these foundations in place will ensure the money clients spend on future marketing communications is not funding a black hole of disparate activity but aiming towards one vision and thus building long-term value to the brand.

That’s why a brand strategy is critical. A brand strategy defines what a company stands for, the personality it must convey and the key messages that come through implicitly in all communications. In essence, it is the master campaign strategy from which all subsequent communications are developed. Visual identity is just as important as this becomes the face of a business. It’s what customers see first and it’s very true what they say, first impressions do count. BPI ROK build strong icons that become synonymous with brands and are instantly recognisable. They create instant credibility portraying brand personality and shape customer perceptions.

Our Midlands creative agency develops clear brand guidelines in order for the client to have a consistent approach to any communications they develop whether it’s internal communications or external marketing campaigns. We make sure these guidelines are only a guide and not so restrictive that they stifle any creativity. After all it’s about creating something magical that inspires customers to buy and share products and services.

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