Advertising is everywhere!

Over the years, advertising’s primary objective has been to make sales and influence buying decisions.
The one who shouts the loudest is the best. Or are they? At BPI | ROK, we’re a little different to other advertising agencies.
The message is king: your brand should speak to your audience.

Your TV, your phone, your tablet, your radio, your newspaper, the bus shelter, the bus! Your Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn/Instagram/Pinterest/Meercat/Snapchat/Periscope feed, your coffee cup, your favourite magazine, a beermat, the pavement, your letterbox, your inbox, your Dropbox, the penalty box and so on and so on.

That’s a lot of messages all at one time, roughly translated into noise. Like a crowded room where everyone’s trying to shout loudest. It’s the one who stands out who gets the attention. The right message sent to the right person at the right time, harnessed with creative craft.

Advertising agencies will sometimes work to formulas, producing ads that will target demographics, media channels in the most logical fashion possible. Burning and churning data data data. We’re not saying data isn’t important, because measurement is key to performance, but a consumer has to be understood, a marketing message must be crafted and creative has to be emotive.

An independent advertising agency near Birmingham in the West Midlands, BPI ROK creative agency , may have just cracked this. Producing good ads needn’t hinge on how much media you buy or how much budget you blow on a TV advertising campaign, sometimes it’s just about getting the message right. We create the message that shines through the clutter and speaks to the audience on both a pragmatic and emotional level. Your brand and your message can resonate when combined with our expert creativity.

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