Who are we?

BPI, one of the Midlands longest standing pure digital agencies, was founded in 1995 by James Edwards and has been practicing what we now call digital for over 22 years.

In 2016 ROK Creative (itself a long-standing marketing and creative agency founded by Aled Griffiths in 2003) was acquired and BPI ROK, a business growth incubator agency, was formed.

Together we are stronger; delivering a unique customer-focused offering with digital firmly at the heart of what we do. We now combine this vast digital expertise with creative design, media and marketing strategy.

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Left Brain | Right brain

Our agency is all about growing your business and, working in collaboration with you, we’ve got a great mix of people, talents and gifts.


Strategy and planning, business change, operational change and consultancy, sales plays, ABM, subject matter experts, project management, prototyping, testing, QA, system architecture, system architecture, coding.


Brand strategy, UI, CX, design, art direction, photography, copywriting, video, illustration, animation, image retouching, social channel content, media planning.

Mashed up we’re much more rounded – bringing creativity into our analytics and vice versa. Put it this way, our wireframes have become much more colourful!

What we do

At BPI ROK we listen and understand your pain points and desired end goals. We take a collaborative approach to produce a bespoke and tailored marketing solution specifically to tackle your pain points and deliver your desired end goal – growing your business.


The Team & Culture


We love to be creative and set the bar each and every time but this doesn’t mean we talk ‘fluff’. We have an open and honest policy where we are very transparent with each other, and we’re the same with our clients as it helps build relationships and manage expectations.



The BPI ROK HQ is not just an office. It’s a buzzing creative environment that keeps the ideas flowing. From our motivational quotes around the building to blow up cows, you’re bound to find something that catches you’re eye and makes you smile.



This is why we do what we do, we love marketing. We encourage this across the agency which allows the team to share ideas, thoughts and concepts they have. This allows us to not only nurture and develop our internal talent but also continue to stay creative and cutting edge.



We don’t believe in working in silence so we have a great range of playlists to cater for everyone’s taste, from Sinatra, Wham, UB40, Drake to Peruvian pan pipes!



Coffee is a regular part of the morning routine here at BPI ROK as it kicks off the creative process. Some research shows that, contrary to popular belief, coffee may inhibit creativity however, we firmly believe the opposite – it’s a ritual that encourages the best from our team.



We love what we do here at BPI ROK and put in 100% to deliver the best. We carry this work ethic across the agency but we also know how and when we need to down our tools and hang loose.

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