06 September, 2017 Improve your web conversions with the ‘LIFT’​ model

So what is it? Well, the ‘LIFT’ model is a conversion optimised framework created by Chris Goward. This model allows you to test various methods of improving conversion on your website, which in return will make it easier to get into the mind of your website visitors, allowing you to evaluate key factors.

As you can see from the model below there are six different factors involved. Two pull your value proposition up and two pulling it down. In an ideal world, your value proposition would always be pointing up.

Six different factors involved with the model

Value Proposition – How much value does it offer? If your value proposition doesn’t outweigh cost then you will have no sale. You need to make sure the value proposition is strong.

Relevance – Is the offer what the visitor wanted? Expected? How relevant is it? An example of this is Google Adwords, if someone clicks an ad and they are direct to the home page of a website – then this is wrong. They need to go to a landing page which is tailored and specific to that audience and relates to the ad they clicked. The supporting copy on the page must be relevant and add value. So the more relevant you make the content to your value proposition, the higher conversion will be.

Clarity – Does the page have a clear call-to-action (CTA)? People often use websites and landing pages like a shop window and bombard the visitor with too much choice, information and CTA’s. Keep it simple and focus on giving clarity, and focus on your value proposition.

Distraction – As mentioned above too much choice and copy can cause a distraction and often confuse visitors; even worse, put them off. Again, keep it simple and relevant to your value proposition.

Anxiety – We want to reduce this and address any objections visitors have early on in the buying cycle. These could be simple questions about the product or service on offer which you can easily address with testimonials, product reviews and even a secure checkout.

Urgency – We can influence external urgency by using scare tactics such as limited time offers and stock quantity numbers. Hotels often display how popular they are by listing how many people are looking at a room right now.

Testing these tactics will allow you to ensure your understanding of your audience is correct and should in return increase your website conversion

So that’s it. The ‘LIFT’ model is very simple but a very powerful tool to use and to keep on using. The next time you want to change elements on your homepage refer back to the ‘LIFT’ model and see if it works in favour of the model or against it.

To find out more about the lift model contact me here.

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