04 September, 2017 BPI ROK Create Shopify Discount Spinner

Digital is at the heart of what we do and has been for over 22 years, and as marketers, we are constantly challenged, from the UX customer journey to increasing the conversion rate when it comes to ecommerce check out. Lucky for us we have a talented and budding team of developers based in Lithuania who are always at the forefront of everything digital.  When they are not busy working on live projects they are busy creating and developing new ideas and concepts, this time they’ve created a discount spinner app for Shopify.

What is it?

Traditional pop ups are in decline as they are seen as annoying and offer very little to prospects in exchange for their email addresses. Email addresses are now seen as a digital currency so prospects are even more reluctant to give them away than ever before. That’s why we created ‘Spin and Win’ an interactive email capture app which moves away from the annoying traditional pop up by offering an element of fun, gamification and the opportunity to win a prize.

Psychology tell us that if you make a prospect feel special they are more likely to engage and make a purchase. So rather than just give away codes we allow them the opportunity to potentially win, this changes the perception and becomes more appealing to your prospect.

By offering discount codes to your propective customers whilst on your site you are increasing the overall conversation rate.

What does it look like?

Watch it live in action here.

How much is it?

Well you can have a free trial for 7 days and then prices start from as little as $5 per month.  You can find out more about the app here.

Shopify Partners

Our guys didn’t stop with just the app development, they’ve gone one step further and we’re now certified Shopify partners (https://www.shopify.com/partners), this means we can build ecommerce websites without any trial restrictions and we can build not only public apps, but also private custom apps.

Don’t forget if you have any queries with regards to Shopify, any apps or anything digital get in touch.

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