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What makes them say yes, no or don’t know?

We make hundreds of decisions every day and these are influenced by a multitude of things from biases and perceptions (from your life experience) to advertising, promotion, social media, brand advocacy and myriad of other things. So what is it that makes your brand stand out amongst the clutter and noise of everyday life?

There are moments of truth that turn a shopper into a lifetime customer.

So, it follows that finding out what influences your customers and nudges them towards these moments provides the foundation for any marketing and sales activity.

Do you want an agency that understands your customer’s pain and how to influence them into making a decision (that decision being a yes) or a normal agency?

Don't know

BPI-ROK is an agency where two worlds collide.

We have successfully merged science with art to deliver real consumer behaviour change – making more customers say YES – for our clients.

This all starts with the Why.

Why do your customers buy from you? Why are you special? Why are you doing this? For growth? For the love of it?

Because we’re curious we need to know all the answers before we start thinking about the what and the how. We’ve been helping clients grow their sales for many years and we have a well practiced process and a talented bunch of people for doing this. We build a picture through research, insight and, guess what else? Listening to you and your customers.

Only then do we get into how we can influence the customer’s decision making; creating the moments of truth and determining the channels we’ll use to maximise audience reach.

We’d love to listen and understand your pain…


Tell us a bit about you and your pain and we’ll do the rest


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The proof of the pudding…

We’ve got a few agency miles on the clock (36 years worth to be precise) so we do have a good idea of what works and let’s face it – what doesn’t. And yes, the world’s a changing, but the basics stay the same – all of us to a man (and woman) make hundreds of decisions every day
– so it’s just the influencers that change.

Check out our use cases below and see some of the ways we’ve made our client’s customers say YES!

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